Inexpensive new phone options and plans

Have you ever wanted a new phone, but didn’t want to pay $800 + dollars, for a phone? Or decided to change your phone plan, because you just didn’t need the restrictions or offerings on the plan you had? I found myself in that predicament just this week. So, I did a little research.

Let’s start with the phone plans. First, you need to decide, what are you really looking for? Unlimited Data? Unlimited Text or calls? Or, will you always be on wifi and data is not an issue? What is your budget?

So, here were my basic needs:

  • Inexpensive
  • On wifi most of the time, so data is not an issue
  • Reliable calling a must
  • Texting optional (but nowadays pretty much is covered, unlimited)

Here were some of the plans that I found, with their pros and cons, in no particular order:

  • Scratch wireless
    Cost: $69/yr, just under $6/month
    This includes Wifi calling and texting, and data
    No access to Wifi? You can purchase calling plans for a small fee.
    Phone (Android based) costs $89
    You must use their phone
    Not a bad deal, if you are always going to be on Wifi, and don’t have a phone already. For my purposes, it may work and is a consideration.
  • US Mobile
    Cost: Varies.
    You can select a custom plan that includes:
    A certain amount of talk time, text, and data, at any level you chose
    You can choose an unlimited plan of varying levels
    Phone – You can bring your own. Phone must use a SIM card
    Not too bad of an option, but first glance shows that it could be more complicated than it initially implies, in that you need to use their Starter Kit before ordering.
  • Red Pocket
    Cost: Varies by level
    Phone: You can bring your own, or purchase one of their phones for as low as $20.
    A good possible option, with lots of flexibility.
    I tried to order with Scratch Wireless, as I thought it would be a good starter plan. However, they were out of phones, so they would not allow new customers. I decided to go with US Mobile and give it a shot. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Sprint does not work well in my area, so I didn’t check Boost or other known Sprint networks. By the way, found out later that Scratch is Sprint, but since it is Wifi based, I was going to give it a try anyway.

Now, phones. Here, you have to decide what you need. For me, I needed a smartphone, though a basic one. If you don’t need the larger screen, there are less expensive ones out there. For example, this one:

E&L K6900 Rugged Smartphone Unlocked with IP68 Waterproof Dustproof 2G Rugged Cell Phone Unlocked Outdoor Cellphone (Red)

Because I needed the larger screen, I looked at these two:

TracFone LG Rebel 3 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone with Amazon Exclusive Free $40 Airtime Bundle


Apple iPhone 6 GSM Unlocked, 64 GB – Space Gray (Certified Refurbished)

Because I’m used to Android, I picked the Android.

Wish me luck, should get everything in about a week.